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Projet innocence Quebec's primary mission is to inform and guide people who believe they have been wrongfully convicted of a crime about the recourses available to them. The files submitted to Projet innocence Quebec are thoroughly studied in order to determine if an appeal or a recourse under section 696.1 of the Criminal Code, based on new evidence, is possible. When these cases meet the selection criteria, Projet innocence Quebec provides the necessary resources to complete their appeal. In order to do so, Projet innocence Quebec brings together several stakeholders from the legal community such as lawyers, students and professors, which allows us to intervene quickly with these individuals and provide them with the necessary assistance. It is under these conditions and under the direction of these committed people that the files already submitted to our team are treated and analyzed.


Project aims :

  • To allow victims of miscarriages of justice to have their innocence recognized;

  • To enable victims of miscarriages of justice to pursue their appeals for review of their convictions and for compensation;

  • Educate the government on the importance of recognizing the possibility of miscarriages of justice;

  • Establish mechanisms for access to justice for those who claim innocence despite being convicted;

  • To enable law students to put their knowledge to work for victims of miscarriage of justice while enriching their education.

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